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Frosted Window film gives the appearance of etched glass. In our range we offer the classic white frosted, as well as coloured frosted film. Not as vibrant as our coloured transparent films, they offer a subtle sparkle, available in grey, mint, blue or rose. They offer partial privacy, as you are unable to see through, but you can see slight shadows, thus would not be suitable for windows where you would require total privacy. For window film that offers total privacy see our one-way mirrored film and opaque films.

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Stained glass effect film is a cheap and effective way of transforming your windows in minutes. Not only does this film radiate a warm glow throughout the room bringing colour to your kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, it also helps to hide unattractive views.

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Our coloured film comes in over 15 different colours from vivid blues and greens to pretty pinks. This enables you to give any living space the wow factor, whilst maintaining glass that is still transparent. You can get as creative as you wish, whether you decide to use just one colour to compliment a colour scheme or combine several to achieve a really eye catching window display. If you wanted to take it further still it's actually possible to layer our decorative window film to create a really inspirational and unusual effect.

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Our large range of Graphic Films offers a designs to suit any space. Due to the different designs, they offer varying levels of privacy-some allowing you to peek through more than others. Explore our gallery for more inspiration!

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Privacy and security is a key benefit of fitting window film to your business premises or home. Depending on your need, we have a range of films that are suitable for adding increased privacy and security to your business premises. Our range of privacy window films includes one-way mirrored film, frosted, graphic, and coloured window film. Each film offers varying levels of privacy, as well as visual effect.

If you require additional safety and security to the glass blast-mitigation window film which can be layered up with other decorative or performance window films, but will provide great protection from vandalism, theft, smash and grab and even bomb-blasts/explosions.

Window Film Solutions

We have a range of window films which can help to combat familiar problems, such as excessive heat gain or loss, glare, fade. Suitable for homes, offices, shop fronts etc.

Please browse our gallery for more inspiration today!

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